Our first full membership meeting as the Alliance of Professional Support Staff has been scheduled:

Wednesday February 5th
11:00am – 1:00pm
2250 KC

Supervisors have been notified of this meeting and instructed to encourage full attendance by utilizing student and other staff to cover the department. You are expected to use one hour of lunch for this 2-hour meeting.

For those that cannot attend – we are videotaping the presentation. Information regarding access to the link will be forthcoming. By doing so, every member will hear the same presentation. The video link will not be available until February 6 or 7. The handouts to accompany the presentation will be available through your building rep or elected officials. Holland, Muskegon and Traverse City – if you don’t think you can be in attendance, let me know and I will get the handouts mailed out.

Members traveling from the Holland, Muskegon and Traverse City campus can request mileage reimbursement by submitting a mileage reimbursement form to Hollie Rago. These locations are eligible because free transportation is not available.

Members will be given until February 14 to vote. In order to vote, you need to be a member of the Alliance of Professional Support Staff. Membership forms will be available at the meeting. After the meeting, building representatives and elected officials will have them. Once you have signed a membership form, you will be given a ballot to vote with. Full details of this process will be provided at the meeting.

It is important that you hear the presentation, review the documents and ask all your questions. We are making history. We are shaping our future. We are setting the standard others will follow. Let’s do this together.

If there was ever a meeting you should attend..this one is it!

Coreen Bedford, acting President
Alliance of Professional Support Staff

Congratulations Members!

Today we all received notification the consent election of our employee group has voted in favor of the Alliance of Professional Support Staff (APSS). The voting breakdown:

  • Michigan Education Association (MEA) – 24 (9%)
  • Neither – 7 (3%)
  • Alliance of Professional Support Staff (APSS) – 235 (88%)

Total votes: 266 and one spoiled ballot

More information will come soon and we will begin planning meetings to organize under the APSS.