Hello fellow PSS,

The Office of the Vice Provost for Health team would like to inform our GVSU community of a tremendous opportunity to assist and pay it forward within our reach.  We invite friends and colleagues to support Sara Walker, Administrative Assistant to Dr. Jean Nagelkerk.   Sara’s parents lost all their belongings in a devastating house fire this past Tuesday, September 1 in Sparta.   The need for this family is very great because they lost their house, two cars and all of their belongings.  Sara’s brother will be starting 10th grade next week and he lost all his back to school clothes and supplies. 

Everyone made it out of the house safely except the family cat.  The GRCC police officers have opened a GoFundMe page for Sara’s family.  Sara’s sister Brittany is a new recruit for the GRCC police.  Sara indicated she would be grateful if we would send the link to everyone and anyone that we can. 

The story and photos are on the local news websites. Following is an example:


If you would like to contribute please follow the GoFundMe link below.  At this point, any amount of help can make a difference, especially when we consider what we can all do together in supporting Sara and her family. 


Thank you very much for considering and please pass this information on.


The Office of the Vice Provost team