The Union has two positions available on the bargaining team.

  1. Team member will full voting power
  2. Understudy to serve should one of the team members become unavailable

In either position you will be exposed to

  • writing and applying contractual language
  • negotiating on behalf of your union members
  • the bargaining process
  • working on a team with varying opinions

As a new member, you will not be expected to take a lead in any of the process. We will teach you what the process is and respect your opinion. You will be expected to:

  • think on behalf of all members and not just your own interests
  • hold a strict confidence
  • understand and follow bargaining table rules
  • follow through on assignments
  • be on time to meetings

The earliest we would begin is late fall 2016. Our contract expires Oct 1, 2017.

Interested members in good standing should contact bargaining chair Coreen Bedford at